Our vision is that music is essential to human life since the dawn of humanity and, as such, it connects us deep into our soul.

Music is dematerialized and mobile and, therefore, easily accessible to all.
However, because of its availability, it has become a consumer commodity.
Moreover, high-end audio systems no longer meet the current lifestyle (cumbersome, high price tag, listening to the sweet spot, non-mobile).
While Bluetooth speakers suffer from poor audio quality unable to satisfy Music lovers especially since the appearance of high-end audio formats.

We conducted a survey to take into account public expectations for an audio system.
It showed that 5 criteria are essential: sound quality, ease of use, design, sound power and compactness.

After several years of research, We therefore designed, , 0W1 D5, the Ultimate Smart portable Speaker for Music lover.

We also believe that tomorrow is being built today and that beyond the fashion effect of startups and green washing – CSR (social and environmental responsibility) is one of the pillars of the new world on the move.
It is not the raising of funds, rewards and media coverage that make a business successful, but the passion of its founders, their perseverance and, before any other consideration, a common vision and ambition.