Jean, eclectic music lover

Jean Beauve dirigeant fondateur chez 0WI audio fabricant d'enceintes portables autonomes intelligentes pour mélomane

It all started when I was a child, a dream of unbridled constructions, with the Legos first, then the Meccanos.

Jeux de construction Meccano

At the age of 12 I discovered the emotional power of music and I then started playing with electronics and acoustics.

It took me three years, working summer time, to buy my first worthy stereo system, which continued to evolve for years. I also started designing speakers, making chases and other modulators that I exchanged for mopeds.



système audio

At the age of sixteen, I had filled the room that I used as a workshop of dozens of TSFs, TVs and other tape recorders to my parents desperation …

Quite lonely, I none the less had charisma.
A very cute girl who had given a rhythm to my teenage heart suggested to me to build her a radio.
I did it, but not up to my desires. I never dared to give it to her and she flew away …

A few years ago I finally decided to design this so much dreamed of product.
Here is D5.
If you meet with her, just tell her about it…

Today, I’m an Electro-mechanical Engineer with a master’s degree in applied natural sciences

Key Competencies: 

  • Marketing
  • Audio
  • Audio hardware design
  • Software development (DSP, Linux RT, Python). Past Positions & Responsibilities: 
    • Audio Product Manager, Audio Visual Integration Project Manager at L’AudioDistribution SA, France
    • Owner of Quinte et Sens, France (High-end audio & design / installation of private cinemas)
    • Instrumentation Group Product Manager at Alcon Labs, France
    • Export Engineer at Alcon Labs, France
    • NMR Spectroscopy Maintenance Engineer , University of Louvain la Neuve, Belgium
    • Professor at Lycée Technique Seydina Limamoulaye, Dakar, Senegal


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0W1 audio
645 Rue mayor de Montricher,
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