Ferrari, robe d’été.

Ferrari, summer dress, we listened to your remarks and changed the dress of your smart speaker. We thought it in a natural finish, but you prefer it glossy finish.
We thought it should be made of wood, but it probably will be made of composite materials.

In short,that’s exactly the point of a prototype, it serves to make tests, to improve, to polish the concept further.

Tomorrow, we leave for the capital, Vivatech, here we are!

We worked like crazy, Phil and I, each of us at home, a million things to do, and the feeling of not doing enough, you know what I mean ?

Phil has prepared a stand, it takes all the lift of his residence in Brussels.

It doesn’t look too bad as a jewel case for a musical friend, what do you think of it ?

Come on, I’ll show you a preview. Heads or tails ?

Yes, there are two sides, one absorbing, the other more reflective, depending on the situation the Smart speaker will be on one side or the other of the panels.

What’s on the other side then, the absorbent, what does it look like?

A pearly white blue night duvet , class isn’t it ?

That is the least thing, from my point of view for such a nice Smart speaker.

Thanks to Phil and his girlfriends, they’ve done a lot of work.

And me and me and me ?

Yes, I also worked a bit!

I created logos with the Lab’s laser printer, covered them with fabrics, or painted them according to their size.

0WI Rouge Ferrari

And as you see it, the enclosure dress has been changed too. It’s summer, girls are beautiful, we go out the convertibles, a Ferrari Red enclosure with an Anthracite foot.

Do you like it ?

0WI rouge

Give us your feedback, after all it’s your smart speaker as long as it looks like you.

We may meet together at VivaTech, on the Orange stand. Well, it’s true, I could have painted the speaker in orange, I just didn’t thought about it, I’m not that smart, the speaker is, hopefully …

5 thoughts on “Ferrari, robe d’été.

  1. RAZZAROLI Reply

    Classe ! Si en plus vous vous mettez à soigner le look et à peindre la carrosserie couleur Ferrari, que restera-t-il aux autres ?
    J’espère que cette présentation sur le stand Orange vous apportera du succès. Ce ne serait que mérité après tout le travail que vous avez fourni. De mon point de vue, je pense que vous allez en surprendre plus d’un. Bon salon. Cordialement. Jean.

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  3. Erik Reply

    Allez mon Jean,
    La lumière est proche…
    Mais du coup, quand c’est que l’on arrive à boire un verre ensemble !!!
    Bon salon à vous.

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