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The universe has its own music, in the form of acoustic vibrations that are perpetuated since the original big bang.

By learning how to listen to music you get to know your universal link.
This deserves to devote a minimum of requirement, don’t you think so ?


With the advent of streaming and wireless speakers, we have lost the emotional quality of the music.

Of course, there are obvious physical laws, but isn’t it possible, with love, as do the best craftsmen, to bring back the soul of music in a modern setting?

We took up the challenge and created a portable, autonomous and connected music box that satisfy the most demanding music lover.
Because the speaker is the Last Mile of Music, we have designed the best portable speaker ever produced so that you will discover what’s the music.

That’s 0W1 audio reason to be.

This is why it all started…

Maquette de votre compagnon musical
First paper mokup

Our goal was to create nomadic audiophile systems with the same passion as that of our prestigious predecessors who made the heyday of the HiFi.

We had to rethink everything and to implement new technologies to create audio systems that could offer a pure and immersive sound in such a small volume.

Moreover, we dont look at our systems as mere products, but rather as initiatory companions.



Passion for music is our team’s fuel to overcome this challenge!


With his musical companion eachone will learn how to connect to his emotions.

To succeed, we had to start from a white page and to avoid blindly following fashions to focus on our goal.

The components used had to “fade out” to allow the music to communicate freely with the listener’s soul.

0W1 G0
First prototype

So we created Go, the first autonomous music companion.

We have tested it everywhere, in the studios, at Radio France, in the street, at the Festival Son & Image, etc …

With a pure and immersive sound it convinced you !



Yeh, we were on the right track, a tiny speaker that could connect the soul to emotions.

Andre Manoukian
André Manoukian after a music session

Whether you listen to music from the built-in HDD or from Spotify, you’ll enjoy the same quality.

It was of good augure.

Sacha Lakic with BT01
Sacha Lakic riding it’s BT01

A year later, we met with Sacha Lakic who, seduced by the emotions he felt when listening to our first prototype, agreed to draw D5, the current version.

0W1 audio D5 White Front


Whatever the use, with its built-in DSP, D5 delivers studio-quality sound.


All equipment created by 0W1 audio is subjected to intensive and rigorous testing.
Which assures you that they meet all the criteria of security, coherence, reliability and above all performance to convey all the passion of music and its emotional content.

All of our team’s efforts are directed to ensuring that our “Feel The Music, Feel Your Soul” message spreads around the world.

0W1audio created D5, the ultimate, High End Portable speaker that paces your days.

Findout all the creative steps of the story on our blog.


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